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Friday, April 17

semporna trip ~~ 2nd day

hi everyone... am so sorry for keeping these photos for quite a long time... last week and this week was my busiest week... i guess... anw, all the photos are taken during our (me & dr. suhaimi) visit to Dragon Inn, Semporna. we were there to confirm all the rooms for the participants are still available.

Dragon Inn offers you various type of rooms. they hv double, single and even a dorm. room charges are quite reasonable. you can also choose either you want a room with fan or air-cond. i don't really remember the exact rate but it's normally not more than 300MYR per night.

you hv to walk for a few minutes to reach the main entrance of the inn. along the way you can find few locals selling pearls and crystals jeweleries with great offer!!

souvenir shop...

receptionist counter

the rooms... i like the environment...
you can hear the sound of the waves at night while you are sleeping...

2 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

Kris and Nadia said...

wah.. bestnya.. blum pernah la pg semporna ni.. org2 dia amcm? okay? mana muka ko? hihi :)

rahma said...

best jgk sn... tp selalu klu mo p semporna ni plg bgs ambi package p pulau, best. org2nya ok2 jgk la tp mo ht2 coz rmi filipinos. just be careful jak la. muka sa??? hehehee... tungguuuu... ^0^

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