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Monday, April 13

charise pempengco...

hhhmmm... i don't know how to start but this is something i really want to share with my blog...heheheee.. and of course with you all oso, since you're the one who read mine and always stop by... really luv you guys!!

well, Sabah was on public holiday last Friday due to "Good Friday". meaning to say, i hv a lot spare time on friday, saturday and of course sunday. since hubby's working on saturday and nothing much to do besides knitting, crocheting and scrapping... and some laundry... i watched Oprah... yessss.... am a big fan of oprah. her show was my MUST SEEN show especially those days before am married. and since hubby's not around, i hv all the tv remote to myself (btw, do you hv any idea on how to persuade your hubby to let go the remote...??!! hhhmmmm...)... ok, where was i... o ya, i hv all the remote to myself and turned on to channel 702 and there was oprah..

the topic was about this 16 years old charise who hv a big voice and hv a dream to sing with celine dion... oprah invited her and she sang "my heart will go on" by celine dion. i cried the whole song!! her voice was such a.... uhhhh...hhmmmm.... i don't know the word, but it gave me goose bump whenever i heard her singing. SUPERB!! yup, that's the right word....

celine watched her singing thru the video conferencing and so sweet of her to invite charise to sing a duet with her at madison square the following week. so the next day, sunday, i waited for oprah, and as i expected she showed the clip, the one that charise sang "because you love me" with celine... and i cried, again, as i watched it. but this time i can control my emotional a bit coz hubby was there... sure he'll laugh himself out if he know i was crying... o ya, fyi... she learn to sing "my heart will go on" when she was 4 years old!! and that's what i call a gift!!

so, here is the video for you to watch... i copied it from you tube... so enjoy ya!! ^-^ uuhhh... btw, i LOVE celine sooooo very much!!!

2 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

HoneyBUZZin said...

what a powerful voice! Wow! This is what u called " A STAR"

rahma said...

yalo... dngr intronya jak pun sa rs mcm mo nangis sdh hehehee

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