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Thursday, April 2

semporna trip ~~ 1st day... 2nd episode

this is the hotel that we stayed. i don't know how to comment about this hotel. we are not fully satisfied with the workshop package that they offered us. it's a three star hotel and i bet those who are sabahan surely know which hotel is this coz it's the only one hotel in semporna. yet, the food was quite good though.

scenery from our room. our room is the cheapest one, RM90 per night. other rooms are rated from 150 to 300 MYR per night. and ours is a new block. they just expanding the number of room due to higher demand. unfortunately... you can smell something 'fishy' the moment you walk out of the lift box, and all the way to your room. our room is on third floor btw. there's a fish loading area behind the hotel. so you can guess what kind of 'fishy' smell i was talking about... not very breath taking!! uwekkk...!!!!!

we arrived at semporna around 5pm. and the sun was about to set, but i miss the best spot to captured the moment, unlucky me.... these three photos taken in front of the hotel...

**noticed the island far behind... if you look carefully, it looks like a man was lean down. i've been to that island before, but i forgot the names... hhhmmm...

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