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Tuesday, December 2

an accident!!

:sleepy: feel sooooo sleepy... been up late last night. my youngest bro was at my house and we had this long conversation ~~ he's stay with my parents in Tawau, he was here for two days seminar...4 days actually, he came 2 days early... ~~

oh ya, am supposed to post this entry yesterday, but i seems can't find time to post it... nYway, my hubby was driving home from jamming last tuesday night and he saw an accident. so, he stoped by and took this photos of the accident between the motorcyclist and the Hilux... luckily the motorcyclist had a small injured....after took photos, my hubby drove home. i don't have any idea what happened next...

the motorcyclist try to avoid the Hilux and lost his balance.....

this is the Hilux

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