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Tuesday, December 23

Vietnamese Restaurant

I've been keeping this photos in my notebook. I wonder why I always don't have much time to post it...hhmmmm... ANW, last week my hubby n me went breakfast at The Peppermint, Gaya Street. We ordered 2 sets of roasted chicken rice, Vietnamese coffee (for abg adie) n plain water (for me). This restaurant served mostly Vietnamese food, and the chicken rice is our fav. If am not mistaken, there are two Peppermint in KK, the one we went at Gaya Street and the other one is at Asia City. The way they served the coffee captured me... it's kinda unique... ^-^

Vietnamese coffee for abg adie...

delicious eehhh...

ehhh... why I include photos of the food?? :what:

Finished our breakfast, we went to the post office to get abg adie's new Dr. Cardin's boots from KL (thanks to Daniel). He bought it for RM150 from mudah.com. It's was a great deal indeed because it looks like a brand new though it's a 2nd hand boots. And, of course, my hubby loves it already just by looking at the picture (before he made a deal with Daniel). FYI, compare to me, my hubby have a lot collections of shoes and boots!! And his quiet fussy when it comes to buying shoes, t-shirts and pants. I remember one time in Sulawesi (will blog about it later ya...) I was about to buy him a pant and ended up buying him a 'Belangkon' (~~ it's a Javanese traditional hat ~~) instead. I couldn't find something he likes... so dissapointed... ANW, here's the photos of it, and he wore it during the Hell or Heaven Party...

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