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Thursday, December 11

My Aidiladha...

hi there... mcm teda mood mo blogging oo... i've been keeping this entry in my box since last two days. i seem don't have a chance to post it... last wednesday, i was on leave. my hubby got diarrhea and i have to sent him to the clinic. and yesterday i was at Prof. Ridzwan's office, am helping him doing some phonecalls for his workshop next monday (will blog about it later). anw, on the Aidiladha day, we woke up early for solat subuh then went for solat Aidiladha at the nearest mosque. then we went home and I salam-ed my parents in law and everyone. then I ate and had a long quiet afternoon nap...heheeee... late afternoon then we had our kenduri. after 'kenduri doa selamat' there's a birthday celebration of my SIL's bro in-law (hhurrmmmm...confused...). he turns 22 this year if am not mistaken. I only have this photo of Syafik eating the cake...hhhmmmm...yummy... ^-^ and, i got some more photos taken during Aidiladha last monday...

at night, we celebrated my hubby's youngest sister's birthday.....

andddd a few photos of our nephews and nieces (my hubby's side)... i just love their cute faces. and the camera loves them!!!

kisya and maya

syafik and abg riz

maya, nayli and kisya

nayli and anis

maya and her brother, mikail


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