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Thursday, December 4

. w . O . R . m .

Hi there.... last Tuesday night, I went to see my hubby and his band jamming at The Moe's Studio... Usually I would rather stay home than go with my hubby, but since we had a dinner with my brother after that, so I tagged along lah... My hubby join the band a long time ago and they have a quiet a few good songs...and there's one that still in the local band chart... Btw, they will perform at The Promenade Ballroom on this coming 17th Dec 2008, for the Heaven N Hell Party with LOLITA theme... I will blog about it later ok... am not going to the party, but there will be a photographer to shoot them. So, I will just 'borrow' the photos from him later on.... nYway, I have some photos for you guys....enjoy...

my hubby at the caunter....

WORM booked from 8 - 9 pm

cakui.....??!! mcm nama kiuh.... ^-^

no foods n drinks, no camera (oooopppppsssss.....), no smoking

they've been given this studio....it's small. They normally get Studio A, bigger n comfy (because there's a sofa)

lead guitarist (left) and the vocalist (right) ~~ the bassist, somewhere in the middle ~~

my hubby (right) is the guitarist... in front of him is the drummer...

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