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Monday, December 15

last wednesday...

remember last week i told you about my hubby got diarrhea... we went to this clinic at Putatan (can't remember the name). it was so silent and there's a few people inside. while waiting for my hubby to be diagnosed, i was busy taking photos of the clinic.

before that, we were at this clinic, but my hubby get upset because we were waiting for almost two hours, still they didn't call out his name!! so we went home, change our clothes and went to the clinic at Putatan... btw, that morning my hubby received a call from the vocalist, and they got a BIG news, which is a good news. unfortunately, i cannot reveal the story yet since it is a secret. my hubby are not suppose to tell either, yet he cannot stand keeping it to himself so he blew all out to me!! :laugh: will tell you guys once it's confirmed black and white!!

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