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Tuesday, December 16

what will happen to our very own earth???!!!

FYI, last Wednesday our institute was hosting a seminar on "Effect of Climate Change & Global Warming On Mangrove & Coral Reef Ecosystem" from 10 - 14 December 2008. Am planning to attend the launching ceremony but i was on leave that day because of am sending my hubby to the clinic. Anw, i manage to get the copy of the video that was aired during the launching. It brings tears to my eyes when i saw this video. I've seen it before during the editing process, and was asking for the copy to post it in my blog. I just want to share this with you guys, and let us take a few minutes watch this video and starts thinking about our poor old earth...


Well, what do you think?? I'm hoping that by watching this video it will change our perspective of seeing the world today as safe for the next generation if we keep on polluting our environment!! STOP throwing rubbish into the sea... STOP fish bombing... STOP over fishing... STOP eating shark fins, turtles eggs, giant clams, and please STOP selling them... STOP polluting the air... STOP releasing CFC gases... CAN'T YOU SEE!! Our fish is dying... The polar bear was drowned because the ice is melting... Our colorful corals died... and the tsunamis.... Praise to Allah, we are not among the victims. But what about tomorrow, are we going to live peacefully? What will happen to our next generation?? Can't you imagine looking at you innocent children and not thinking how they are going to live in this old world??!! I think am done talking, and I leave for you to think of it. ACT NOW!! SAVE OUR PLANET!! It's our duty to do so, we borrow this world from the God. Don't let the God disappointed....

This is a community reach by http://pearl-stud-earrings-rahma.blogspot.com courtesy of Borneo Marine Research Institute, UMS...

**~~ I had to repost this entry because I've changed the video. This is the latest and final edited which i get from my friend. The previous one is not the final touch and the picture is not in good quality... I changed the video just to let you know how serious I am in conserving our planet. It is not going to be easy if you won't participate and starts conserve!! Thank you for spending your precious time to watch it again ya!! ^0^ go green!!

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