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Wednesday, December 31

wELcOMe 2009.... ^0^

Still uploading my photos... the internet was soooooooo slow.... yyyyeeeeeee..... geramnya!!
:angry: :angry::angry:
I really want to post the photos that I took during Christmas day at 1Borneo. Hubby and me went there for Christmas...ahaks!! But the slow connection pissed me off, aarrrgghhh!!!

ANW, a lot things happened to me this year, and the big thing is am managed to live through the whole year with my hubby... :flower: and the rest.... hhhmmmm... I think I closed the book and pass it on....

As for 2009 refreshment, as I wished, we will officially move in to our new home on 1st January. It will be a new beginning for us to start our life together and hopefully we will 'expand' our family, Insya Allah...heheeee.... I didn't ask much for 2009, all I want is my hubby will always loves me, be there for me and never look back on me. I wish my family stay healthy (especially our parents), stay together and will always be in HIS bless. For my friends (you know who you are), where ever you are please stay together, keep in touch, really miss guys so much!!

Good bye 2008 :bye:

As for you guys, thanks for being there, reading my blog.... am wishing you all Happy New Year 2009!!


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