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Monday, December 22

Marine GAP Analysis Workshop - II

Alamak!! I forgot to post photos on the workshop as I promise you last week.... Hmmm...been doing a lot of thinking lately... Well, here are some photos taken during the 1 and half day workshop... The purpose of the workshop is to gathered all information's about Marine Protected Areas in Malaysia which are include marine parks (federal and state parks), fisheries protected / restricted areas, mangrove reserves, wildlife sanctuaries / reserves, bird sanctuaries, marine turtle sanctuaries, marine mammal protected areas, and community based management areas.

Prof. Dr. Ridzwan Abdul Rahman (FYI, I've been working with him for almost 7 years now...) is the chairman of the workshop. He was explaining to the participants of the things that they should discuss during the workshop and what kind of information that they should gathered after the workshop. Everyone must contribute the latest input on the research that they have done and the results; and they have to find out if there is any further action will be done after that.

p/s : you see, there are a small group from a small part of the world is really concern about our environment. And am sure there are many other small groups that are doing the same thing. Am wondering, are there any big groups will do the same thing oso?? I'll leave it to you to think about it....

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