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Tuesday, November 11

2 yeLLOw cUShIOns & kONoHA viLLaGE


remember am blogged about our new car....well, i promise you to post pictures of my 2 yellow cushions (gift from my mom) and our konoha village sticker. these are the pictures... (i should give credits to my hubby...he's the one who took all the pictures for my blog....will introduce my hubby to you all ya...)

these two cushions was made by my mom....you should see the yellow bed sheet that she sewed for me...i wore that bed sheet during my wedding... she's very good in sewing, just ask what do you want (baju kurungs, kebayas, kurung kebayas, blouses, dresses, bed sheets, pillow cases, curtains, cushions, cushion cases, etc...etc...) she will sew it for you (using her old SINGER sewing machine) and you sure will adore her creative handmade!! i remember she used to make dresses for my dolls...and all my dolls have their own baju kurung. ooo...ooo...i even have my chilli pillow, which my nephew always used to play with it... hmmmm...i wonder where i put all my dolls, as i know my mom is using my chilli pillow now.... maybe i should blog about my mom and her creative hobby... ^-^

and.....this is the sticker i was telling you about....see my hubby's reflection on the mirror...he was just finished washing the car... oh did i mention to you that our myVi take his bath two or three times a week!!

2 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

Femin Susan said...

Your blog is very creative and colorful. your creations are extremely attractive. How did you cope with such ideas?.. Let your creations reach beyond our imaginations. meet me at my blog

rahma said...

thank you for visiting my blog... the ideas???...i get the idea from other blogs actually...thanks to them, especially the one that i followed. do visit my blog anytime ya...maybe we can change ideas after this. oh ya, checked your blogs...love the yummy cakes & vegetable art...cheers ^-^

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