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Tuesday, November 25

A Moment With Your Kakiis

Hi there bloggers....

Nuffnang Malaysia in collaboration with Kakiis presents you A Moment With Your Kakiis contest. If you are the lucky one, you will win Macbook Air and other prizes as well. To win this prizes, all you can do is just post new entry in your blog of any photos or videos showing you n your friends having a great moment together, and email the url to nuffnang. As simple as that..... So, what is your favourite moment with your kakiis? Me.....? This is my most fav ones... ^0^

This photo was taken last March 2007. We went for white water rafting at Sungai Padas, Beufort, Sabah. It was really exciting and the most challenging experience I've ever had. There are 6 of us and we've been planning this trip since January 2007. We paid about RM150.00 per person (we got special offer) for the whole trip, includes the certificate. It was very adventurous!! The agent provide us a bus from KK to Beufort. It took about 1 and half hour journey and then we continue by train (it was an old train, very slow....) about 40 minutes to reach the rural area. I was afraid I'm gonna drown in the river because all my friends are planning to 'drown' me (bad...bad...bad...). Lucky me, my angels worked extra hard that day...heeee... Here are some photos taken during the venture....

and....this is me having my papayas....hhhmmmmmm.... ^-^

After the tiring rafting, we had a shower (kampung-kampung punya style...); had our delicious lunch (bbq-ed lamb and chicken wings, rice, mix vege, fruits and cold drinks)....and by 2pm, we headed for another journey back to KK. We reached KK at about 7pm.

Well, bloggers, what's your fav moment?? Go! Dig your old photos (or take new photos) of your moment with your friends and join the contest.... ooo...ooo...ooo...you must register as a member of Kakiis first to qualified for the contest....come and join now!! cheers... ^-^

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