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Thursday, November 20

big catch!!

salams and hi there bloggers!!

i was at my in laws last night. we were having steamboat dinner due to one of our sister's wedding anniversary. did i tell you that actually you can fishing at the kitchen verandah...mmm...i guess not. anw, my hubby and his bro in law (his sister's hubby ~~ the sister also loves fishing) was fishing last night and they caught this big cat fish (ikan sembilang).

btw, am not in the picture because i don't like fishing actually. i don't like sitting there quietly with fishing rod in my hand and waiting for the fish to come...heh... am easily get bored. while fishing....we're not allowed to talk (which is i love especially when there is so much to talk about). and they kind of whispering to each other if they want to say something...if you talk too loud it will scares the fish away, according to them lah! well, not in my list... but i like reading quietly...heeeee....

nYway, my hubby took these pictures and not a single picture of them fishing since they don't want their faces in my blog...hmmmm...

oo...oo..oo..you remember shafiq... this is his first experience with fishing and he was so excited, yet he's wondering why the fish looks like a doggy....hhmmmm... i wonder which part of the fish looks like a dog??!! and this is him before the catch.

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