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Tuesday, November 18

new haircut ^-^

hello blogger!!

went home early yesterday. i need to send my application to SESB (stands for Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd) ~~ am applying electrical meter (what ever you call it) for our new apartment ~~. after finished the application things, we went to saloon at Kompleks Kuwasa, i want to get a hair cut. I like the saloon there because it's specially for those who wearing tudungs. but they allow my hubby to wait inside since no other costumer was entertained. while waiting for me, my hubby was having his hair washed. and i was amazed to see his straight hair after blowing... i would never know how he look like with that hair...hmmm...something new for me. i insist him to get a rebonding after this... as i promised him, i only show you these two pictures... oh ya, am definitely not showing you my new hair cut because it's forbidden...^-^ btw, i get the kuchiki rukiya's (character in Japan anime, Bleach) hair style...

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