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Wednesday, November 5

tWiLIghT...iN tHeatERs

i like movies...you like movies...everyone love movies... ^-^

some movies are adapted from books. e.g; Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery
~~ which is my all time fav ~~, Mansfield Park by Jane Austen ~~ also my fav ~~ and so forth... ~~ i only mention this two because they're my favourites... ~~

nYway, am get too excited when i came to know that TWILIGHT will be release soon in theaters worldwide. The premieres is on 21st Nov 2008!! if you want to win 2 free tickets of TWILIGHT you can log in to hot.fm sites and answer a few questions about the movie.

FYI, the movie is actually based on the no.1 New York Times Best-Selling Series by Stephenie Meyer. I read the book about a year ago. i was waiting for zar and sof at the Jari Jari. zar was lending me the book to read while waiting for them. i got attached to the book after that and finished the 2nd book (oso from zar) just right before i'm leaving for my wedding. it was a great story, but unfortunately am missing the 3rd book. am always forgot to ask sal to bring it to KK....hmmm...better get one for myself!!

the book...errrr...the movie is about the high school student, Bella, who risks all her life when she fallen for mysterious and dazzlingly beautiful Edward Cullen. The best part is, Edward and the family are actually vampires who lived like a normal human and choose not to "drink" blood and so the story goes..... well, you have to watch the movie yourself if you want to know more!! am sure the movie is going to be a great movie!! happy watching (^-^)v

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Mimi said...

Hi Rahma...

hv u got your eclipse yet? if u hvnt, try and chk out Popular Centrepoint. They're already sold out in Times & Popular Citymall.

rahma said...

o ya...hmmm...must get it... i just start collecting the book...thanks ya..will go for it soon!!

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