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Thursday, November 20

sAVe Our mARinE....

In the new millennium, we often forget all about the one and only gift we had i.e our sea/marine. It is an important asset that we had and must conserve. We know that our sea covers more than 50% of our Earth, and industrial is one major human activity that can cause damage to our climate change. Look at the tsunamis in Thailand, Bangladesh, Indonesia and so forth...it destroyed not only human beings, houses and buildings; but also our marine lives. What will happen in the future if we don't act now. "Nemo" will be history and our young or future generation might not known what fish is, or seahorse, or corals...etc..etc.. Aware of this phenomenon, my friends, Sal n Sof, came out with KK Reef Watch. My hubby and i and some other friends are the volunteers.

Last May, we were (KK Reef Watch) participated in The 7th IOC/WESTPAC International Scientific Symposium "Natural Hazards and Changing Marine Environment in the Western Pacific" at Magellan Sutera
, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. 321 participants from 16 countries attended the symposium. We were given a booth to exhibit The KK Reef Watch. It was a great opportunity because it's open a platform for us to promote a marine education awareness program. During the symposium, we put up a big canvas for people to sign (for supporting our program) and we have our artist volunteer to do caricature drawings.

me with hammerhead shark

me n sal


us having lunch(me, sal, bing, zar n faz) ~~ the photo was taken by sof

me and sangheeta ~~ UMS postgraduate student

me took video of Bing drawing... ~~ the photo was taken also by sof

Well bloggers, it's never too late to start concern about our environment. Act now!! Better late than never....

** this is a community reach by pearl-stud-earrings, courtesy of KK Reef Watch....

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