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Tuesday, November 18


last weekend, my hubby and me went to see the progress of our new apartment. actually, i bought this apartment in July 2007. as i told you in my previous post, things happened and finally we will move to our new home before new year. nYway, when we get there the Filipinos worker was putting up the tiles while his wife and son was cleaning up all the messes. they are doing a good job on the tiles, so neat...and the color of the tiles that they used is happened to be in pink color, which is my favourite color... ^-^ and these are the pictures that my hubby took during the visits.

mine is MD-D08

what should i call this, the hallway....hmmm...

our bedroom....it's small, i know...
it's a small apartment actually...big enough for the two of us!!

the small balcony....

we have this spot in the living room. we planned to build a small fireplace here.... ~~ya..ya..ya..i know this is Malaysia...well, who cares...i want one....~~ i like an English home style...love it!! ^-^

view from the balcony

view from the kitchen window

behind our apartment

5 pearls says.... (^-^)v:

Jurry said...

that's fine
bagus untuk DUA orang dan yang akan datang
semuanya bermula dari rumah
yang menjadi milik KITA bah kan


Mimi said...

Hi Rahma, thanks for visiting my blog... btw, i like ur apartment. may i know whr is this? nice view...

rahma said...

mimi....oo...it's in Taman Ketiau, Kg. Tombovo, Penampang...are you somewhere around there ka?? ^-^

jurry....ya lo...nyway, thanks jurry ^-^

Yatie said...

bestnya, nampak damai aje lagi kawasan sekeliling tuh ... :)

rahma said...


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