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Monday, November 10

mY CReaTIVe hANdS....

hello there...am feeling good today... been doing a lot of thinking lately. i need to stop that because it's giving me a headache!!

so to refresh everything,
i posted some pictures of my very first crocheted blue bikini top! i made this about a year ago, and i love it. For my next year project, i planned to make some more bikini tops.

oo...oo...i must share this pictures with you guys...heheee... i've made this small pouch with an egg inside it for my wedding reception. It sort of a door gift but it was given only to our family (especially our parents) during the "merenjis" ceremony (blessing to the bride and groom).

and this grey selendang, was made two weeks before my wedding. i wore it during nikah ceremony. i was looking for white color actually, but they only have this color. so, what i do is i add a white lace on one side and finished it with white and gold beads. luckily it matches my dress. and the best part is, everyone admires my selendang!! \(^0^)/

well, that's it for now. will update my blog again later...cheers!!

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