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Tuesday, November 18


salams and hi there....

L.O.V.E ..... why this topic??!! well, i don't know....suddenly i was thinking about love. when you love someone (
parents, brothers and sisters, families, or husband and wife, gf and bf, and the one and only true love is to GOD ~~ but surely we are talking about the one we love so much; husband/wife or gf/bf) you will try hard to show the love you have for them. but, have you ask yourself, do you really love them? how do you show your love? are you being honest to them? have you GIVE your love to someone else other than them? you said you love her/him, but still you give your love to someone else....why???!!!

be HONEST to the one you love because that's what you will get in return. what goes around comes around...yesterday or maybe today you give your love to someone else, and you forgot about the one that standing in front of you....the one that sacrifices so much for you...the one that by your side in good times and bad times...the one that loves you unstoppable...and you know you have no doubt about that...yet, why are you still giving your love to someone else when you know that someone don't deserve it!!!

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