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Monday, November 24

uuuwwwaaaa......it's monday again...heee....

Salam and hello there!! Been away for 2 days (from the net)….nothing much happened. Aarrgghh…I can’t surf the net….I need new and updates antivirus… I need to renew my karspersky anti-virus, the expiry date is today!! So, I need to use borrow other computer to post a new entry for my blog… I have something big to tell u guys…today’s our 1st anniversary!!! yay… I’ve been married for a year now…heheee…. God bless us!! \(^0^)/

Btw, remember the PhD student big lady I was telling you about? The one that we hate…well, I don’t have a problem with her actually…but she was telling a bad story about my friends (story about our visit to ‘the island’ and etc… hey, I was there, so I know what happened). Though she’s not specifically mentioning names but still we know she was talking about us! Hey, we were trying to help you girl…you have no one to celebrate your birthday with…yet, after a few years you were talking behind our back, in front of our friends (she just met our friends and not knowing that they are our friends…hhmmm what am I saying??!!). Our friends called and told us all about it. Oh ya, I just met her last week, and she was smiling at me!!?? I was like…..duh…

anw, got to go...i've promise the contructor to come and see the house. I wonder what took them so long to redo the tiles...hhhmmmm.... cheers!! (^-^)v

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