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Friday, November 28

Twilight, The Movie

Salam n hi there bloggers!!

Am so excited today… :D can’t wait to tell you guys! I went to watched Twilight last night with my hubby. Yes, been waiting for this movie since last week. And after watching it, all I can say is I LIKE IT SO MUCH!! I don’t know what you were thinking (if you already seen the movie) but for me, it was like watching your own imagination was bring to life right in front of you… I began to love the character so much especially the Cullen’s…soooo pale….yet they are so beautiful even the boys…

Am so gonna watch it again, am going to get the dvd soon… btw, was telling my hubby that Twilight is actually a story about vampire and last night after the movie, I confessed to him that it’s actually a simple love story/romance and he was like……duh….??!! He was expecting more action than talking…heheee… sorry sayang, had to lie a bit about the movie just to make you watch it… :p

Anw, got some photos I would like to share with you guys… oh ya, we were watching Twilight at the new cinema at Centre Point Sabah, and this is the first and maybe the only one that I like so much, so comfy… ~~ ignore the annoying people at the back >:( ~~ and we planned to watch Harry Potter there.

we had our dinner here at Palm Cafe, Palm Square

the best shot of my hubby

me was sms-ing...

Palm Square, CP

Tuah Baker...my favs...

If you want to share your opinion about the movie, do leave a comment ya…would like to know what were you thinking…(if you’ve seen the movie lah)… can’t wait to see the sequel, if there is… cheers… ^-^

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